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Lidac Limited

Lidac Ltd is the Lighting: Design and Application Centre.

We are the World Leading Education Centre for people who wish to work with light and run a profitable design practice or supply business…

Lidac is the only education and resource where design skills can be learnt in equal measure of practical business and marketing skills that ensure our students, members and associates run efficient, modern design practices, have the financial rewards and quality of life they always wanted to combine from a passion or love for their work (even those who go on to be employed not entrepreneurs are better business oriented and assets to their employers / bosses).

Lidac is for Architects, Interior designers, Lighting Designers, Controls and AV Specialists, Electrical Contractors … Lighting Manufacturers, Suppliers, Retailers…and more..

We support Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers to learn how their customers think … if you want to catch a lion you have to think like one. We get you inside the mind of the Architect and Lighting Designer or Contractor … and help your sales, marketing and communications to appeal to your target audience. Monthly we examine the market place, test new ideas and interview key industry thinkers and leaders for our members to get valuable insights to be ahead of the competition.


  • Supplies courses for home study and residential (typically 3 day intense courses in Shropshire, UK)
  • The Source Code is a global first where we throw away the old rules on lighting design, bring you fresh and exciting new possibilities, show you simple and fast competences to get your design skills in the professional arena and also develop how the money works in your business operations, show you powerful insights to how develop a successful, profitable business in months not years
  • “Inner Circle” membership which gives unique access to design ideas, business transformation and “thought leaders”, for those who want to accelerated business and professional growth.
  • We host small groups for outwards thinking and high performance team development. Typically 3 days for up to 8 people has an intense development, learning from qualified lighting designers and experienced business consultants is where we examine your business portfolio, competitor analysis, culture and communications then work together to ensure the team 100% share and pull in the same direction.
  • Sales training for manufacturers “The Compleat Manager” (no its not a spelling mistake) works on 6 core personalities and strengths that are shared with the best performing sales people. Led by Phil (an experienced sales trainer and lighting consultant ) you will get the unique experiences of how a designer thinks and sees your products and sales people that no other trainer could bring.
  • Directors Retreat is another personal 2 or 3 day intervention, when we host either a team from one company or multiple non competitors (normally manufacturers, but any business will fit here). We can build and design the training elements to meet your needs, from leadership, outwards thinking and competitor analysis … to the plain fact many managers come into the lighting industry and never had an education in light and design … the fact you will not ever take 3 years out of the job to get that education, but in several intense days we guarantee you the ability to see and think like a professional designer … perfect for the busy professional but then back to the board room with new insights and knowledge that you can implement directly to your business and bottom line.

Lidac puts the client at the centre of the design process, it starts with a clever system we call “Design in a Box” which gives the customer powerful information, templates and the tools to create professional lighting plans. Then as a customer you choose the level of help and service that suits you …. some people have all the answers and help they need from the box, some like to top up with half a design day… others like more time and involvement … we tailor the experience around you.  Our Learn Light courses offer the same tailored experience, from skills in handling light to creating a successful design practice.


Phil Gardner

Phil Gardner is the Director of Education. Phil has over 25 years commercial experience in lighting across the World. He studied degrees in education and then management and marketing before his Masters in Light and Lighting from the Bartlett school of architecture (University College London).

A designer, author and educator, Phil has set up new lighting teams and offices for clients across the World, from manufacturers like ERCO and Philips Lighting to retailers like the Al Nasser Group( Saudi Arabia), to list a few.

After training designers and sales teams in over 23 countries, authoring publications that have been translated to Norwegian and Japanese Phil is often consulted by new and established brands for his market insights.

Outside of the lighting industry, Phil has worked as a business consultant on coaching for managers, leadership and consultative selling across UK and Europe running courses and private interventions. Clients include WHSmith, European Commission, the NHS, Bodyshop and numerous others…

Whilst these days almost all the time is authoring and training, Phil feels passionate that design skills need to be maintained by taking one or two projects personally, helping real clients in commercial and residential projects … so please if you found your way here as an end client in need of design help, please enquire and we would love to try and help.

Some of Phil’s previous clients…

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