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Selling to Consultants

How to build long term trusted relationships, understanding what your customer wants and needs from your relationship for mutual growth.”


A typical sales team has 70% under achievers, high staff turnover and leaves the business needing a bigger team (overhead) than a well geared/ high performance sales team. This typical 2 day residential programme for sales teams uses a unique 6 point model for growth of the salesperson. Written and delivered with 25 years experience in Lighting and Sales…the insights go deeper into the customer thinking than any other commercial sales training. Transform your team to motivated, achievers that also stay loyal and long term…what will that do for your business. (have a conversation…








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Coaching for Managers

Creating and delivering meaningful change in a persons behaviour means having powerful, transformational conversations.”

(A good coach listens, but leads real change .)


A good manager as coach is more than a good listener and facilitator of change…the manager as a coach has to master powerful conversations and be seen as a leader of change. Combining managing with staff development is not a natural talent, most middle managers have risen to their role from simply being good at the job below…now you expect them to do a very different job in developing your team. Our unique model and insights to the lighting industry bring new and empowering skills to your managers (never seen before). You want and need to rely on the management team in your business so creating coaches that drive change ensures success at all levels. A 2 day residential course and can also become a “train the trainer” for skilled delegates to teach Coaching all through the organisation.








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Directors Retreat

The intensive, facilitator led investigations to your portfolio, competitors and future market predicationsdo in 2 days what you would pay consultants tens of thousands to prepare”


Personalised and tailored to your board or your management team …as you see fit. Many of our leading managers in the Lighting industry today have joined from other backgrounds, part of a private retreat is to fill in the gaps and increase your teams insights into customer thinking, buying behaviours, competitor analysis and future trends… This is not 2 days shooting and flying in the country (but you can if you wish) but we put the team in a country residence with inspiring surroundings and away from the office…yet be prepared to have your brain hurt before your leave re-charged with a unified plan of the future organisation.

(we arrange all travel and accommodation).


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