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Start your lighting design business in under 24hrs.

Your Lighting Department In a Box.

(Residential version for beautiful homes)


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How to get a professional design business up and running instantly,

deliver presentations with detailed guidance, ready to copy files and “done for you” designs, insiders guides to suppliers and professional products, saving you months or years of trial and error to get your new business up and working from day one …earning you money.

This practical system is for the type of person who doesn’t want to spend 6 months or 3 years studying academic courses before starting your first design business (or perhaps simply add lighting to an existing business), but would prefer to learn “on the job” and whilst being paid a professional fee by clients. This system has been carefully designed with the benefit of years of practical experience so you save literally years from trial and error mistakes and run a profitable business from day 1.

This box is aimed at Lighting for Beautiful homes, new or old and how to work with residential customers.





What you will get:

“The Lighting Guide to a Beautiful Home”



Lighting Design Guide


This colour 19 page guide opens peoples eyes to possibilities,

it reveals the approach of a lighting design and lots of ideas and options for the home. This guide features has been responsible for over a £1M of projects.


Lighting Guide Content 1 3d


You get the guide for your own interest and learning, but we give you this as an open template that you can simply put your own name on it and pdf (or print) to give your own clients the most professional impression and secure you work.

We will also show you how to use your guide for the best effect as a tool, create for you customers who will be ready for your services and not cost driven.




To create this marketing tool and all the project photography would cost over £2,000, and this doesn’t consider the client projects you will need to have completed first or time to get to this point.

You get to use our images without worries of royalty and copyright and begin your lighting department instantly with very powerful professional marketing and can be sending out (or giving out) in literally a few hours of your box arriving.

Lighting Guide Content 2 3d

“Swipe and Deploy Design Templates”


Swipe and Deploy

Ready, done for you examples of room designs,

you will get a hard copy bound as reference and all the designs electronically in an open source that will enable you to create high quality professional documents on almost any PC or Mac.

When you for example need a kitchen design, you can find suitable ideas with icons to copy and paste into presentations, then continue to copy and use insert specification sheets of products (with installation sheets if required) . This will literally transform your works that instantly you have a library of designs, diagrams and specifications to create quality output with little or no effort.


Swipe and Deploy content 1 3d


Included in the Swipe and Deploy folders are also section drawings and dimensioned “how to” sheets for architectural lighting features you will love to use in your design work, so for example : shadow gaps between walls and ceilings, wall wash ideas, drop ceilings and offset cove lighting ideas and fully dimensioned sheets allow you to instantly take and create drawings that you have confidence will work.

Templates, How to Sheets and sections, specification sheets based on years of proven experience…this section in printed guide and full electronic access is valued at £5, 250.00.

Swipe and Deploy Content 2 3d

“Seven Step System for designing professional lighting and communication”


Seven Steps

You need an edge, you need the language to talk about light.

Good design doesn’t just come in a vision, eventually the process is easier and is more intuitive (like driving a car), but there will always be unique spaces that the experienced professional will resort to re-thinking in simple steps…1,2,3. This unique way to see and build up any space orders the process of design to give you not only huge confidence in your decisions but a powerful language and way to articulate and talk about Light and Spaces which will give your clients enormous confidence in you and your abilities.


This really is a unique high level tool normally only shown to experienced designers, technicians and project sales people at the culmination of “The Lighting Academy” (our design programme where delegates pay over £2,000 to attend). For the first time ever this has been written as a practical tool for design and published separately with more practical uses and examples than the “Academy” course would follow.


A transformational skill that you will own a new language to express and communicate architecture, space and the effects of light, the ability to inspire others with your systematic approach, for them to see them the logical way you breakdown what could be a complex problem will position you with instant authority and in turn make your own transition to be respected as a professional much easier and importantly more profitable.

This tool alone will help you to tackle complex thinking and design whilst making you more confident. The power of grasping a new and unique language about design and light will for certain dramatically increase your earnings.



Sevent Steps Content 1 3d




“Fast Start Action Guide”


How to get the most of these amazing resources, make sure you take action and have your new lighting design business up and running in just hours.   Your coach to using all the resources in a co-herent business, business development ideas and other powerful tips to use your lighting business to transform your career, life and finally deliver you the lifestyle you always promised yourself and your family.


Start here and let this be the best investment you ever made in yourself.. If you gave a fabulous set of new electricians tools to a novice he (she) would have blown holes in the pliers by day one …but with guidance and real insights from 25 years of experience you have a chance to create many professional installations with the same tools for years to come. This is the place to start and let it help your own personal development and then go on to create you own style as your confidence and experience grows.

Inside guidance and experience in this publication will bring you monetary rewards many time the value of Your Lighting Department in a Boxbut equally as importantly develop a lifestyle that suits you and your family.


Seven Steps Content 2 3d












Inside Your Lighting Design Department in a Box:



  • The Lighting Guide to a Beautiful Home

  • Swipe and Deploy Design Templates

  • Seven Step System for designing professional lighting and communication

  • Fast Start Action Guide


A combined value of over £7,250 which will help you establish a new and professional design business instantly, and enable you to earn over 7 times this figure in your first year!

ONLY £1495.00 (+ vat) + shipping



And backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

No quibble, if for any reason at all you don’t wish to keep it and the entire system is intact …send it back in 30 days for a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.



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