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The Academy of Light (FREE Course notes)

How to see with light and harness the power to predict how people will see, feel and react in homes, offices, shops and the World around them.


This is truly a World Class course, its contents have been translated into Japanese, Norwegian, German and French it has been at the core of learning for hundreds of lighting professionals in our industry, many of whom have gone on to occupy the top jobs in Lighting and design. It is the product of many years work and should be the subject of study only for those who want to gain really deep and meaningful transformations in their skills to use and predict light . In turn the ability to understand how humans see and feel in a space which allows the designer true power in creation of environments that effect mood and behaviour.



The content shown in this course truly has the ability to change the way you see, think and design in the World , and it can have a transformational power to your skills in design and communications that could change your life, income and success

Book 1

  • Learn the professional language of light, perceptual psychology and how to apply light to architectural features.
  • Create the link between a well designed interior and one which is considered World class.



It is yours FREE and no commitment, no catches. I have uploaded the complete student notes onto a USB flash drive and I will post this to any UK mainland address if you are a genuine potential user of this material. (Overseas, send me a stamp addressed (pre-paid) envelope or contact my office for alternatives. ).           hello@lidac.co.uk

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