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I teach Lighting Design without any Light

I teach Lighting Design without any Light

Those who know me and those across the World who have had the strange pleasure in being taught by me know I talk about “the Crowd”…actually a lot!

The “Crowd “ (the over whelming majority) always follow the rest of the Crowd, I wont go on but majorities of people are rarely right, the majority complain all their lives they hate their job but never do anything about it..blah blah the Crowd.

Lighting is then traditionally taught by chapter 1: the Biology of the eye chapter 2: the Science of Light (Wave Vs Photons) (daylight and then electric light spectrums etc).  In my courses the chapter on light comes in about Chapter 5, and I would ideally like it much later…I am working on that.

There is so much to absorb in how we see, then interpret the World and respond to it, that is hugely influential to the designer before we cloud the vision with Light. Do this small exercise right now (if it is safe to do so !):

Sit, close your eyes for about 5 seconds and then raise your head only to see horizontally the largest part of the room and open your eyes.

What’s the first thing you see, what’s the second…?

First and second would be any people and then movement …the reasons why we are naturally responsive to the shape of people, (even in very low levels of light)   then to any movement is all vastly more informative to the designer planning the journey of people through a public space.  The third hierarchy is bright areas of contrast…these you would notice next in the exercise and is the natural starting point for light you would think…No, these are only bound by “edges”. The power of an edge is Ordinal Stimulation…(another subject) …but you can see there is far more to understand in design before you think of the arrival of Light !